Coaching Resources


Coaching Applications

NSA Coaching Application : This application is to be completed every year by all TRAVEL coaching staff.

LSC Coaching Application : This application is only to be completed by first time TRAVEL coaching staff.

Coaching Certificates

You will need several coaching certificates to coach travel soccer.  

  1. An Age specific coaching certificate (Fundamentals, Learn to Train OR Soccer for Life)
  2. Making Head Way
  3. Respect in Sports
  4. Making Ethical Decisions
  5. Rowan Law (implementation unknown at the moment)

Age Specific Coaching Course Registration

  • Fundamentals - Coaching Age 6-8  (Talk to LSC before registering for this course)
  • Learn to Train - Coaching Age 9-12 (2 day course)
  • Soccer for Life - Coaching Age 13&Up (2 day course)

To register for your age specific coaching course you need to create and account on the following website

Making Head Way

This is an online/e-course about concussion safety.  Designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of your athletes, these NCCP Professional Development modules will make you concussion smart!

To begin, you will require a NCCP#. If you have never taken an NCCP course and need a NCCP#, please create an account/register with The Locker at

You should expect to spend 60-90 minutes completing a module. Each completed module will be recorded on your coaching transcript as professional development.

Respect in Sport

This is an online/e-course.  It takes about 2.5 hours to complete.  You will need to register and create an account. 

Follow the link for more information.

Making Ethical Decisions

This can either be taken in person or as an online/e-course but is instructor lead and participation is required. 

Follow the link for more information.


You can find tournament listings on the following website.

Tournaments generally start to go online in January but most aren't up until around March.

Travel Permits

If you go beyond our district (Niagara) you will need to apply for a travel permit.  On the same website Click on the tournament you intend to register for and pop up will appear.  Click on "If you want to apply for an ATF,click here"  You will need to create an account.