Travel Indoor Practice Schedule



Please email the other coaches to either make a switch or give it away.

Please let Kathryn know what your final result is from those switches so we can keep the website and schools up to date.

IF YOUR TEAM CANNOT SWITCH OR GIVE AWAY YOUR TIME SLOT email Kathryn no later than NOON the day of so she can cancel the timeslot with the school.


Great Lakes Christian High School - 4875 King St, Beamsville, ON

Gym entrance at rear of school

The procedure that works best is for teams to come in the back door to the gym. There is a security system on the front door so it is always locked and you need a fob to gain entrance.

On Thursday nights the gym is used by students until 7:20ish and the supervisor will be able to let the soccer teams in. Please do not show up too far ahead of their time.

On Wednesday nights Wayne will be responsible for letting them in the back door as well.

When the team is done if they can turn off all of the lights and make sure that the back door is closed firmly that would be a big help.

Wayne is the facilities supervisor - if you have any issues please call him at the number you received (coaches only)


Heritage Christian School - 2850 Fourth Avenue, Jordan ON

There are evening rentals in the back gym the same nights you are in the front gym. The front door will be open for you, and access is restricted between the two gyms. It would be great if you left wet foot wear on the front mat. Players will need indoor shoes for the gym floor anyway.

For the last coach leaving for the night:

  • Please check that gym doors are all closed.
  • Please check bathrooms for garbage on the floor. Turn lights off.
  • The panel to turn the gym lights off is in the front hall. Please turn off all gym lights.
  • Please go to the alarm panel by the front doors and use the allen key on top of it to lock the front doors.
  • Return the allen key and leave. The alarm will be set later when the secondary gym rental is done.

If you have any questions or challenges, feel free to email the club. If you decide to cancel last minute, please call or text Mim at the number you were given (coaches only).