COVID-19 Practice Protocol

Please Note:

  • All players must be registered with the Lincoln Soccer Club and all players fees paid for the season.
  • All three (3) OSA COVID-19 waivers must be signed and submitted to your head coach.
  • No Registration, No Payment, No Waivers = No Participation...... NO EXCEPTIONS!

Before Arrival

  • Complete the Pre-Training Self Assessment as outlined by your coach - if you are experiencing ANY symptoms, DO NOT attend.  Seek medical advice and notify your coach immediately.
  • Coaches will arrive prior to the start of the session to organize equipment and set up the area to train.
  • Sanitize your hands and all your personal gear.
  • Arrive dressed and prepared to train.
  • Check your player bag to ensure you have all your equipment for training.
    • Soccer ball, shin pads, cleats, numbered pinnie, GK gloves
    • Water bottle, clearly labelled with your name and number; to remain in your bag unless required.
    • Small container of hand sanitizer
    • Plastic container/bag for used tissues, band-aids, athletic tape, etc. - items to be taken home and discarded
    • Electronic devices are to always remain in your bag
  • When travelling to and from each session, if carpooling please ensure that only two players (from different
    households) per car one in the front seat and one in the back seat.


After Arrival

  • Parents to drop off players no sooner than 10 minutes before the session in the designated drop off zone.  If you arrive earlier, please wait in your vehicle.
  • Enter and Exit field at the indicated areas only (cones will be placed to indicate these areas)
  • Do not congregate at the field entry point.
  • Parents are not allowed to access the training area but are welcome to stay in their vehicles or in the designated viewing zones.   
  • One parent per player is welcome to stay and observe.  It is important to ensure NO gatherings of large groups while activity is taking place. Please respect social/physical distancing measures as set in place by governmental public health authorities.
  • Players will greet their coaches and must check-in verbally.
  • Coaches will direct players to the training area and where to put their personal equipment (behind the bench, a cone with your player number will indicate where you will leave your player bag and change your shoes.)
  • Arrive prepared to train - changing rooms are not available.
  • RESTROOMS will NOT be available for players so plan accordingly.

During Training

  • No heading, chest or hand contact with ball (feet only).
  • Social Distancing measures are still in place: 6ft or 2m (each player has at least 4m²)
  • The coach will provide the players with safety instructions and the objectives of the session.
  • All “non-essential” contact should be avoided (handshakes, high 5’s, etc.).
  • Remind players to avoid touching or sharing of the equipment.
  • Do not spit at any time.
  • Coaches will remind and help you manage your spacing throughout the session.
  • Regular sanitation breaks combined with water breaks.
  • If you are not feeling well, inform your coach immediately.
  • Players are not allowed to use washrooms.
  • Please no sharing of any equipment the coaches will ensure the practice equipment is wiped down
    before and after each session, along with the benches and soccer balls.
  • We will have sanitation products available at each training session (hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes/alcohol spray and cloths, & disposable gloves)

After Training

  • The coach will debrief with the players based upon completion of the session.
  • Players must gather all belongings before leaving the field.
  • The coach will inform the players of how to exit the field and remind the players of social distancing when leaving.
  • The coach will sanitize any equipment that was used after practice.
  • The coach will ensure that all equipment is taken from the playing field in a safe manner and return them to storage. 
  • Reflect on how the equipment was managed and distributed to improve this for the next session.